Apple growers! Help me decide: Which one have you had the best luck with/would you plant out again? Hawkeye, Black Limbertwig, Bill's Redflesh, Red Cinnamon, Wolf River

Last year I grabbed a bunch of grafted apples from @39thparallel (Hawkeye, Swiss Limbertwig, Royal Limbertwig, Black Limbertwig, Kidd’s Orange Red, Bill’s Redflesh, Red Cinnamon, Clark’s Crab, Wolf River). I’ve been babying them in 30 gallon pots until they get some good size to them to battle the Bermuda grass and I figure out placement :joy: I have a couple that have reached what I’d consider “good planting size”, but only 2 spots open currently. I’m in NE Texas. Which ones do y’all think carry the best disease resistance against fire blight/CAR? So far, these have fared pretty well with little signs of issues and strong growth, but it’s only been a year since they were grafted onto m111.

Black Limbertwig
Bill’s Redflesh
Red Cinnamon
Wolf River

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I don’t know about disease resistance, but Wolf River is strictly a cooking apple.


Black Limbertwig is very resistant to blight and CAR.


Thanks y’all. I ended up leaving Wolf River potted, but went ahead and figured out/planted Black Limbertwig, Bill’s Redflesh, Red Cinnamon, Hawkeye, Royal Limbertwig, and Clark’s Crab. I’m beat :sweat_smile:

Kidd’s Orange Red and Swiss Limbertwig will more than likely end up in the ground before the season is over with.

Not sure it’s problem, but my Black Limbertig from 5 years ago still isn’t as big as the Red Royal I grafted last spring.


I spray for CAR so, I may not be the best judge of resistance. I have not seen FB on any of those. Take good care of the Red Cinnamon. It’s awesome and very rare.


What do you spray for CAR?

Will do! These things took off last year! Should be even better in the ground. The only one that really lagged was Swiss Limbertwig.

Note: unless I tied down branches my limbertwigs took a long, long time to fruit.

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Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind. Just tossed Kidd’s Orange Red in the ground. :+1:

and note when pruning that many LTs are tip bearers- so you may not see fruit spurs.