Apple ID Help?

Anybody recognize this apple? I grafted it to my tree several years ago and the tag blew off:

I think I know what it is (and hope I’m right!) but I want to see what others say before I make my guess.


Tolman Sweet?

I grafted it in 2018, but no bloom or fruit for a couple more years.

Not my guess, and not an apple I’ve ever knowingly grafted. But since my scions were purchased from a source who was known for a certain number of mistakes, it’s possible. I’ll follow up your suggestion - thanks!

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Here’s a pix from Fedco website of a Tolman. (If I can get it to load).Tolman%20from%20Fedco

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Well, how about Northwest Greening, if you don’t think it’s Tolman?

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Thanks for the photo. I’m pretty sure that my apple isn’t Tolman; it more likely is Pristine. One reason I think that is that it’s nearly ripe now (seeds are black but still a little starchy) and Tolman shouldn’t be ready for quite a while yet.

Similarly for NW Greening- ripens too late. (Although I did once have Rhode Island Greening on this tree, but removed it.) At the time I grafted this one I was looking to add early apples to try to extend my season. Problem is, I don’t like most early apples nearly as much as I like the later ones. But we have enjoyed our State Fair, and in the past Missus liked Pixie Crunch. So I need to be flexible. Gets harder every year …

I like the Fedco link. Thank you!

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