Apple knots and scion wood

I pruned some apple trees recently and collected scion wood from them. The trees appeared to have some fungal disease, though, and I was wondering if I should just discard the wood to avoid spreading anything into a new orchard. Does anyone know what the disease in the below pictures is and how bad of an idea it would be to use scions from these trees? I’m bench grafting 100 apples in the coming month or two, and I would rather throw away some wood than give everything disease. Thanks in advance.


i would guess agrobacterium. I have never seen it in real life. So im more book smart on this topic, than experianced.
Crown Gall — Dr. Apple Tree.
I would not use the scions of that tree. Unles you can quarantine the tree’s your grafting off it. (also quarantine the water runoff of those tree’s in pots!)
But i might be overreacting or just plain wrong. Id wait for others with more experiance/knowladge to chime in before taking (drastic) action.