Apple leaf curl- Albermarle Pippin

One of two Pippin apples trees ( 2 year) having pretty severe curling of leaves and then turn brownimage3
Notice the bug that came in with the leaves I brought into the house.

any ideas how to treat??

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That looks a lot like aphid damage. I see that sort of thing on my own AP, and it’s not unusual to find other insects hiding in the curled leaves. Have you unrolled the leaves to check for the presence or remains of aphids? If they’re present, there are a lot of effective treatments. I use one or more of the following: strong insecticidal soap, neem, pyrethrin.

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Yes other posts when talking about curled leaves also indicate aphids. There is some residue ini the curled leaves but I cannot see any aphids. I have neem oil so will try that!!

The curled leaves aren’t likely to recover, but you can prevent damage to additional leaves by assassinating the culprits before they spread.

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That is the exact damage I had on my two potted apple trees. One is recooping and sending out new leaves! That is on my espalier. The other, my Calville is not dead but taking far longe recoop. Both are still hanging on to small apples. I had massive aphid damage this spring. New rule. Spray leaves with water in the very beginning of spring straight to summer!

I can’t quite tell by the picture but I think the coloration and appearance matches a ladybug larva. My italian plum got hit hard by aphids this year and I got some ladybugs from a local nursery to help out with the aphids. Not a ton of improvement yet but I hope it’s coming as more larvae hatch.

Edit: here’s a pic of a ladybug larva I took this morning.


The pic was not very clear but it was quite possible. Ladybug nymphs look nothing like mature ladybugs.

Check this out.
Recognizing Ladybug Larvaes and Beneficial Garden Bugs.

Now believe issue to be Rosie Apple aphids. I am able to see them now. Thanks for everyones comments.