Apple leaf || 🍃 problems ॥ Suggest me proper solution

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Could you provide more pictures of the leaves including some of the tree and branches? Also it would be helpful if you could tell us what the species of tree it is (apple?) and what the cultivar is.

A freeze can cause that

This is royal delicious

Also perhaps intense heat in early stage of leaf development. What have your temperatures been?

You may right because snowfalls occurred last few days ago and this snowfall occurred April month. normally winter has gon till now but this year winter went so long that is impact of climate change .

I am from India and my orchard in western Himalayas . Normally we are face this leaf problem
every year but this year occurred so early .

The picture of the long narrow leafs on your royal Delicious
Apple looks like it could be Roundup ( glyphosate) injury .?
Could be from last year overspray ? Of root suckers ,bark , etc.
Was glyphosate used near this tree ,last year ?

Yes you are right this is royal delicious variety of apple ,


Powdery mildew, put leaf between your eyes and sun , You should seen damaged areas.