Apple Leaf with Bumps

I don’t see anything on the interwebs that look just like this (3-D bumps). I’ll bet someone has seen this, eh? Plus, the splotchy color and…this may be two different conditions? Any suggestions?

(2 photos together)

My guess is apple scab.


Thanks. I suppose the bumps are an interim stage. I have a Braeburn that has about 4 different issues (my only third-year tree). Last year (my first year with most of my trees) it seemed like smooth sailing. This year it seems like word got out, and there are a lot of bugs and bumps and dots of many colors. I’ve even squished a few Pear Psyllas on apple and pear leaves.

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Immunox is good for both CAR and scab.

Bumps on pears leaves can be pear blister mites, too, a common problem.

All this is making me think about the bigger environment around here. Last Fall I noticed two apple trees out on the highway that looked bad and terrible in that order, and are, as the crow flies, only about 1000 and 1,500 feet away from my trees. The really bad one is in a field with no house around and I’m tempted to go cut it down some night. The fruit is nothing special and the tree looks to be alive only as a repository of all known insect and disease pests of fruit trees. They are directly up wind from my trees re: the Prevailing Westerlies. Also, to somehow aid the creek (that borders my land) a volunteer organization planted many (as in, 50-100) trees along it this last late Winter, many of which were cedar trees…also SW of my new little orchard. When I looked up CAR images I found some that looked too much like what I think is a normal pollinating part of Lodgepole/Shore Pine (photo) from right outside my front door. Even my roses are covered with all kinds of creepy stuff like I’ve never seen before…bad year for young fruit trees around here?
Re: the bumpy leaves, I’ll try to take another look at them today and maybe get some new photos in case the bumps have developed into some more recognizable symptom.

Seedy, that is almost certainly scab. Scab is often raised like that. I have spots on leaves of some apples now and the fact that they are not raised helps me conclude I have frog eye leaf spot and not scab.