Apple notching and maybe pruning

I have this small stub of a Braeburn branch on our 4 variety Apple tree. It hasn’t grown out all since we planted it in the fall of 2018. After finding out about notching I was planning on doing that year to try to stimulate some growth. I was also thinking about cutting it back a bit to an outward facing bud so it doesn’t grow straight up from that fruiting spur in to the rest of the tree. I’m still new at this though, would the more experienced people around agree with cutting it back even with how short the branch is?

I think you are on the right track. Notch just above the swelling where the branch attaches. When I notch I make the notch overhang the branch that it is above by about the same length as the branch diameter: a notch for a 1/2" branch will be 1 1/2" long.

And I would definitely not let the bud set fruit. If the branch fruits it will set the growth back permanently, in my limited experience. (Still regret that yellow delicious I allowed to fruit on my frankentree.)