Apple-Pear Frankentrees on unknown wild tree

So I found, what appeared to be a thorny pear tree and tried to graft Asian pears on it last year, when that failed (late on and first year grafting) I tried an apple scion and it took.

So this year I tried again and went crazy with it.

The grafts on it are:
Crispen apple
Cripps Pink apple
Winner Banana apple
Apple-Pear Cross (That’s the name)
Clara Frijs pear
2 Asian pears of unknown varieties.

They’re growing great… it had straight thorns on all the 1" and under branches, I’m guessing its a rootstock or decorative seedling… but I don’t know what.

There’s a thorny crabapple that has bark and thorns like it not far away, but this one has never produced fruit or flowers.



When the rootstock has some leaves pop out on the trunk please take some photos. There are many things it could be but i’m curious what it was. Glad to hear the grafting went well. When you find rootstock feel free to take some photos. We will try to help you identify the trees and let you know what has worked for us. The grafts are growing very nice!