Apple pictures

Here’s a couple of shots of fruit I took from my frankentree this year.

The first shows (from bottom to top) a couple of Liberties, a Haralson, a Montana Red, slightly behind and to the left of the MT. Red a Prairie Spy, and what is supposed to be another PS top right. The big PS is so different from the others that I’m suspicious of it. Let you know another day on that one.

The second is the same arrangement rotated 90 degrees. Youse are all smart enough that I don’t have to repeat the labels!

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Ahh the fruits of your labor… How old is your Frankentree Mark? It seems like I recall you mentioning it before on GW? I started one this year and so far I have 8 apple varieties grafted to it and I plan on adding many more.

I planted the tree in 1998 and it has been healthy ever since- one good reason for starting with a Liberty. I have no idea what the rootstock is, and when I called to ask the nursery they couldn’t tell me either. But I have no complaints, other than that a Liberty is not a particularly good first choice for somebody who doesn’t know anything about pruning.

Most of the tree’s production is in Liberties, but I get significant amounts of Carousel, a couple of bags of Winesap, a few Galas, too many Montana Red, some Yellow Delicious, Karmijn De Sonneville, Rubinette, little piece of Haralson, a few Prairie Spy, a half dozen Jonagold, a few Ginger Gold and Pixie Crunch … I should see a little more of many of those soon, plus Hawkeye, Caville Blanc d’ Hiver, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Macoun, possibly one or two others that escape me at the moment -oh, yeah, Sweet Sixteen … there’s a wild seedling I stuck on it just to see what happened (pretty, small, tasty enough, but not special, really). Someplace there’s a “Supreme”, about which I know know nothing, except that it tasted OK when a friend shared it, so I spliced it on too. I don’t recall it fruiting lately or being notable when it did, so I guess I don’t recommend it, ay?

Anyhow, a guy needs a project, and I guess this tree is mine.

: -)M

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