Apple problems - black leaves / veins and curled leaves

So, my apples were looking great, and then they started to have a few issues. The first two pictures show my first issue. I am seeing edges of some leaves turn black and some black showing along the stem and veins of the leaves. Not wide spread, but concerned.

The third pic shoes some curled leaves I am getting. I am guessing that is caused by a worm and have since sprayed my first roind of spectracide once and done.

Any help identifying the issues would be appreciated.


The top two pictures look like wind rubbing. Maybe on the wire cage.

The curled and crinkled leaves in the bottom picture look exactly like some of mine. In my case, it was aphid damage on the very young leaves, which affected their development. The aphids were on the underside of the young leaves, would damage them, and then move on to other young leaves.

Agree with fruitnut on the blackened bits.

Those curled leaves are usually rosy apple aphid. Often it self-controls but I have occasionally have a few trees get it really badly. If I want to control I spray soap on the leaves, use one hand to unfurl as you spray. For small infections I just crush with fingers, I was doing some of that today. Or remove isolated shoots if its only in a few spots.

hmmmm…not sure why I didn’t think about the rubbing on the cages… :disappointed: I did think of the black leaves being due to the wind as we have had a series of windy days here, but since it was only around the perimeter of the outside branches, I dismissed it. Didn’t really even think about them rubbing on the cages. Looks like it is time to expand the cages another foot.

Thanks for the help!