Apple rootstock help

I know it’s hard to tell. But does anyone have any ideas what rootstock this apple tree is on?
I found it in zone 6b WV unknown variety name. It’s free standing and productive. I would like to purchase rootstock to graft it to that will produce a tree the same size an productivity as this one. For my bacbackyard. Any rootstock recommendations?



The apple variety is?

Could be a seedling root.

Thanks im unsure the variety

It would be very hard to tell for sure what rootstock ?
But if I had to Guess, seeing that big bulge at the graft union,
I would guess M26 , it often has a bulge like that.
The surest way to get a “tree just like that,” would be to pull up a piece of the root and graft a scion from the the top onto it.
A root graft.


That is a good idea, however you run the risk of the scion forming it’s own roots. And thus loosing some or all of the dwarfing effect.

You could also dig up a piece of root, and plant that till it sprouts a shoot. And use that plant to layer and make a stool bed to get more rootstock.

or better yet. If the rootstock sends up suckers, use those.

It is hard to judge size from a picture. How tall/wide is it?

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