Apple scab ....every year

Leaves from an unknown type of Crabapple develop these symptoms later in Spring after beautiful flowers… happens every year…all leaves are infected
I suspect apple scab
In which case I will spray dormant oil and copper in late fall after leaves fall and also same in early spring
Am I on the right track??!

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I just signed up and was looking at apple scab problems and saw your post. The only crab apples I have are ornamental, but I do grow a lot of other fruit trees and have a vineyard. To me, this doesn’t look like apple scab, but more like black rot, which does affect apples. So I guess it could effect crabapples as well? I recommend Captan and Serenade mix. Captan for immediate effect and Serenade for a longer term effect.

Thanks Dennis
On the captan serenade mix you suggest…mix both together at full strength recommended as if spraying only one or the other?

Sorry to be late getting back. Yes, mix them full strength first time. Over time you can tapper off on the Serenade as it has a residual effect.

Hi Everyone, I have an Apple Scab question. I have a tree with a nice frame but the apples are nothign to write home aout and the tree is very scabby. I am thinking I should cut the tree back and graft a scab proof variety onto it. Can people share their experiences with me if they have dealt with the same situation? thanks!

If the tree has good vigor in-spite of the scab it should work fine. If it is weak and dying, probably not worth the effort.

Tree seems healthy otherwise, thanks!