Apple scab?

Generally scab is not an issue for me, but I assume it is what I have currently. This spring has been abnormally damp, overcast and somewhat cool temps. I have 5 Maslin Apples (sp of Cripps Pink) that I planted this spring. Trees started out well no signs of disease early. I have sprayed them with Captan twice. One tree is progressvely getting worse. Dark spots on leaves, starting underneath. Veins turning brown on some leaves, eventually leaf progressively turns dark brown. If it is scab will routine spraying stop the spread within the infected trees? Hopefully I can post a picture within the coming days.

Here are a few pictures of the problem. I do know the tree has a touch of CAR. I guess it was the darkening of the veins and the larger brown patchs tha thave me puzzled. However the larger brown patchs might just be environmental stress induced by high wind and sun. I see now that Captan is only preventative and should have been applied more frequently given our abnormal weather this spring. I assume if I continue to spray Captan that it will protect the uninfected leaves? Thanks!

Sounds like it could be scab, starting on the leave’s undersides. Captan is pretty strong on scab, but who knows? Post some photos Turkey. I’d like to learn more visually about scab.
My weather also has been favorable for it.

When you have scab you will likely know it because it looks so “scabby”. Pictures are easy to find with a search, so you can send a photo or just do a quick search yourself.

If you find you do have scab, I believe captan will at this point be worthless- you will need some myclobutanil to dry it up. Captan is a preventive only.

I always have some trouble interpreting comparisons of photos to what I know by my own eyes, but yes, that sure looks like some very nasty scab.