Apple Tree - Burl or Gall?

I’ve looked at dozens of photos online but I just can’t figure it out. Any idea if this is burl or gall? Thank you!


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I don’t know, but I get them on my pear.

I get something similar on my espalier apples trained as Belgian fence. Occurs when branches intentionally cross or unintentionally rub on wire. Knobby spurs, no weeping.
Was trunk rubbing on a support?

Thanks for the idea. I don’t see any evidence of rubbing on this tree.

Looks like burr knot to me.

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I agree.

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Thanks, everyone! I’ll go with burl/burr knot.

What variety of apple is that ?

It’s my friend’s and she isn’t sure. She was told 5 different varieties of apples were grafted to it.