Apple tree just barely waking up in May


I posted recently about my McIntosh tree (planted in Fall of 2021), which hadnt woken up by the end of April. I decided for sure it must have died. I don’t live near my orchard and finally this weekend we were able to visit again and to my surprise, the tree is slowly trying to open up some leaves. What could cause a tree to do this? Is it dying still, slowly? I’m not going to do anything to it at this point, will wait and see what happens. But very curious if you guys have any insight into what might cause such behavior. Pic from today attached.

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I have a couple of varieties that are slow to wake up and I think it is from not getting the required chill hours.


Oh interesting! I’ll read up on that. Thank you!

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I have one apple that just woke up 10 days ago, while I have 2cm fruit on other trees. The variety is Weißer Rosmarin. I thought it was a late variety, but the insurance branch (I keep copies of rarer varieties in well established trees) I have in my Golden Delicious tree already has a 1cm fruitlet on it. This particular tree had some kind of fungal issue in the trunk that I treated, but it seem to be what makes the difference. Normally it is a week behind, not a month.


My apples are just now blooming in Z6a.

No question but that they got their chill hours. Everything else was proportionately late.

No real explanation except that we did not have unseasonably warm weather this winter/spring.

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My Anna and Dorsett were extremely late; but I feel it was due to late and persistent 40 temps and a couple of 20’s this winter. Our Kieffer Pear still is dormant.

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Thanks for your reply! Maybe my tree has a fungal issue as well, though I didn’t notice it. It’s the only one lagging behind, everything else is well on its way.

@kokopelli5A @dannytoro1 thank you for your replies! I wouldn’t be so surprised if a bunch of trees were still dormant of just waking up, but everything else is already green and done blooming, including a couple apple trees. Just this one is lagging behind and just seems very weak. It was on time with everyone else the previous two years I had it. So I thought maybe it’s sick or something is bothering it that I missed in the fall or winter.

Oh many other trees here bloomed. Just not those three. Many of my new grafts beat them to leaf and flowering.

Check the trunk and around the root crown. If it is a very young tree (more skin than bark on the trunk) press it for softness. Sometimes that comes before visible changes.

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