Apple tree mystery?

Ok about six years ago I planted 2 apples, Pristine and Goldrush on G16 rootstock. In their third leaf both trees bloomed and fruited very nicely. For the next three years Pristine did not bloom a single blossom. Because of that my Goldrush which was blooming every year would not set because it had no pollinator. This year out of the blue Pristine has bloomed and set fruit. They are in the same place as always and have received the exact same care. Is this a quadraennial apple variety? Seriously any ideas? Especially strange since we had little to no chill this year at all. Thanks.


When you say nicely, is that in the sense of heavy fruiting on a young tree? Also, how was it doing vegetatively? What was your pruning and growth like in those years?

My Pristine isn’t givig me any apples this year. In fact it’s the only one that is flower less. It does say that it has a biennial tendency. You may of allowed it to fruit to early so it took some years off from production. Maybe you could graft a few other varieties on the tree that are compatible. It’s easy to do.

Same for me on Pristine, here in upstate NY (35 miles south of Albany 5b) .

Pristine was one of the verrrry few that did fruit last year and it is the only one that did not flower at all this year


It grew just fine. Leafed out pretty late as do most apples in Texas but it grew just fine. No flowers for three years. Right next to it was Goldrush that bloomed it’s head off every year to no avail because it had no buddy to pollinate it. I haven’t pruned these trees really much at all. I really don’t think I over cropped it at all. I thinned them and did’t have a tremendous crop load. The same load on Goldrush did’t stop it from blooming like crazy the next year and every year there after.

I really don’t think I over cropped it at all. Third leaf on a dwarf and the tree was nicley developed and I thinned pretty well. I just dunno. I have heard of Pristine’s tendency toward being biennial which is weird to me anyway since it ripens sooo early. Seems like it should have plenty of time to recharge. If it took a year off that is one thing but three? I know you are right about needing to graft other varieties into this thing I just haven’t done it!