Apple tree varieties for small yard

I’m looking to plant up to 6 apple trees for a small backyard orchard in zone 9b. I plan on training them as 3-tier espalier (to a 5ft height, based upon Stark Bros espalier recommendations).

So far I’ve already preordered Ashmead’s Kernel, Hudson’s Golden Gem, and Yellow Newton Pippin for the upcoming planting season.

Will I have any issues with pollination with these 3 varieties (early-mid bloom, mid-late bloom, and late bloom times)?

I’m strongly leaning towards adding King David and Grimes Golden (mid bloom, late bloom).

I’ve been considering a multi-bud espalier that my local nursery typically has (which includes Fuji, red delicious, golden delicious, gala, Braeburn), though I would only buy this if I need to help with pollination.

Thanks in advance!


I like Arkansas black. Should work well in your climate.
Here is my review although I am in zone 6a. Should ripen better for you

According to the Orange Pippin Trees pollination checker, your first five named varieties should work well together. It shouldn’t be necessary to add the local nursery tree.

By the way, I commend you on your choices.

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Thanks! I ended up preordering the King David and Grimes Golden as well. I’ve been looking at Arkansas Black. We have a couple local you-pick apple orchards that carry them, but will probably graft that onto one of my trees.