Apple tree withering leaves

I put some triple 20 on these trees about a month ago and I think I might have burned them.

I have been spraying them with rally and neem oil weekly and just sprayed with an orchard spray with the main ingredient sulfer.

I gave them a deep soak about 2 weeks ago and I have been watering a little bit about an inch or two in the pots everyday or every other day.

I do not know if this is fertilizer burn, not enough water, or too much water.

I also noticed yesterday the leaves were crispy. I sprayed them and today they were softer. What do you think I am doing wrong

Wow, 20 percent nitrogen is high. I would think you may have burned them. Why are you spraying so much? They arent fruit bearing age and i wouldnt think that tou would need to spray that much.

That is what they recommended to me at wilco

I got a bunch of powdery mildew a couple weeks ago so ive been spraying until its gone

Sounds like a salesman that makes commission on spray.

I cant speak for most folks, but even here in the northeast, which is notorious for fungal and bacterial apple diseases, many folks don’t spray weekly. I cant think of a single one actually

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@Kellogg_Hill_Farms, I agree with everything you have said.

I don’t have any experience with Neem Oil but isn’t it true that you should not spray oil and sulphur too close together? I generally only spray dormant oil as a smothering oil during dormancy, and only use sulphur during the powdery mildew season in the middle of summer, so I haven’t dealt with this. (In arid Montana you can get away with that!)

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Oil on leaves in summer…it is like frying French fries in a pan. Crispy

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