Apple trees from lowes

What nurseries does Lowe’s use to propagate their fruit trees I just bought a golden delicious apple trees from them

Should say on the tag or the price sticker.

They use regional suppliers. Many of the plants stocked in big-box store nursery departments are on a pay-per-purchase arrangement. The suppliers bring the plants, stock them, and remove slow selling and damaged plants. The stores only pay the supplier for what has sold.


Big box stores, have bankrupted a lot of good little nurseries. The box store has no incentive to keep the plants watered or sheltered from frost or heat. And all the killed plants, and ‘shrinkage’ come out of the profits (if any) of the nursery doing the supplying.

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Are you sure about that? I seriously doubt it. I don’t see any nursery bulk shipping to a known mass murderer of plants while agreeing that they don’t have to pay for any they neglect to death.

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That’s pretty much how it works, actually. It’s pretty much just large growers with regional distribution networks that can go check in on the plants and swap inventory out. Enough economy of scale that they can afford some losses like that and still turn a profit.

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Box stores have some of the worst reputation on accuracy of labels…


You are pretty up on a lot of topics. But, not the big box model in the 48 states.
But, you are free to believe or to doubt if you like I reckon.

I’m a lot MORE sure Lowe’s and walmart have agreements that they only pay for things that actually sold,
than I am about climate change!

I’m not on the inside of the company, so some vendors may indeed get paid 30 days from delivery or somethin’…but not the most of the garden center merchandisers.

True, and if you supplied trees to them…the least of your concern is if the label is correct!
Or they’ll live and thrive in your planting zone!

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I do find it hard to believe but I most certainly could be wrong. It just doesn’t sound like the way any commercial nursery operates; wholesale profit margins are about half of retail profit margins, they would not survive for long on sending hundreds of thousands of inventory in the hopes that the retailer would not screw up. Do you happen to have confirmation that this is how they do it?