Apples enjoyed by famous people


I have been reading lots about apples lately and have found that a lot of older and tasty varieties have been enjoyed by famous people from history!

The Spitzenburg was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite.

Black Gilliflower (Sheepnose) was Ben Franklin’s favorite

Blacktwig was Andrew Jackon’s favorite

Newtown Pippin was George Washington’s favorite

I am sure there are plenty more historical or famous people that have a known favorite. So does anyone else know more varieties that would be interesting to know that they were a favorite of someone famous or historical?

Some of this information was found out from an apple list I received from @derekamills and I am very grateful for the information :+1:


I also noticed that the Decio apple is a very old variety that is linked to the Roman Empire. Also some information from @derekamills.

Any other varieties that might have been eaten by famous or historical people or even something just of historical sigificance like the Decio?

Such a cool thing that I had never given much thought to until I really started reading about different apple cultivars!


Also reading now that Thomas Jefferson also had a couple other favorite apples, the Albermarle Pippin and Ralls Genet. So I guess he for sure was an apple eater :joy: