Apples: how late is too late?

I asked this in the middle of another thread (bad form!), and that’s probably why I didn’t get a clear answer: We’ve had a crazy year for apples–no chill hours this winter, so my Gravenstein tree woke up over a long period. As a result, it matured some apples over the last month, but there are still BLOSSOMS appearing on the tree, and many baby apples. I’m figuring I should remove the blossoms, but should I leave some of the baby apples? Might there be a size, smaller than which I should remove? They are anywhere from pea size to quarter size to golf-ball sized. Maybe only the biggest have a chance to ripen? Although it’s 90 degrees here and summer may go on forever…And is there a way to remove blossoms that doesn’t ruin the fruit spur for the future? Thanks folks!

I just recently posted a similar question about my two pear trees. I got 5 pears off one of them and they both started a new flush of growth about a month ago after growing verrrry slowly for the several months before that (one only had about 20 leaves).

The advice on this forum was to remove the blossoms and any fruit that was forming.

I’m guessing the lack of rain and warm winter had them confused.

Thanks Chris. Yup, very confused trees. Hope we get some chill hours this winter!