Apples we are going to try in 2018

Hope to graft these varieties from GRIN:
Linda Sweet
Prairie Gold
Pup’s Tego
Ben Trio
MN 85-26-21 (Kazak)

I’ll be putting them on wild crab, ranetka, and b118 rootstocks on which previous years’ grafts failed.

I may also be getting scions of a dolgo seedling with a unique taste, Frostbite, Colorado Orange, and a wild crab from New Hampshire.

Also hopefully grafting Siberian pear (for pollination purposes with my Ure, Golden Spice, and Early Gold pears), Beireschmitt , Tyson, and Southworth pear (all from GRIN)

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I found a source that can order a Granny Smith. It’s my favorite Apple, and I haven’t had it in many years. I’ve never seen them for sale in the country. And for some reason I never hear of people growing apples locally. I got a bad feeling something terrible will happen to the tree once I get it in the ground.


I have a Granny Smith. It’s a great apple in my environment for low spray. Looks as good as a supermarket one. For supermarkets they are picked early if left on the tree they get a little better flavor for the home grower.


Really, Granny Smith a low-spray variety? You gotta be kidding. Where you located?
In Kentucky, it’s the worst in my little orchard.

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Cape Cod Massachusetts. I have about Thirty Five trees and it takes very little cleaning to look pristine. Other varieties I have to really wash hard to wipe off the black spots ect.

I am going to order scions for
Pink Parfait and
Cherry Cox
All thanks to the recent you tube video from skillcult. I really have to stop watching others taste apples, the minute they find one that they love I am sold.
As well as the following
Ingrid Marie
Milo Gibson

I know these are not all for my zone. But after a few successes with apples not zoned for me I now have to test each one just to make sure the literature is correct. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just curious, where in KY are you? We’re up in the NE corner. We’re growing 16 different varieties of apples, but Granny Smith isn’t one of them. I’d like to try them, but we have enough apples as it is. What other varieties do you grow, and how have they done?


Hi Subdood…

Have several smaller/containerized apples, most not yet bearing age, so I can’t describe my experiences yet nor offer scions of them. But, the ones I have confidence describing how they do here would include Red and Yellow Delicious, Grimes Golden, Liberty, Niedzwetzkyana, Redfield, Jonathan, Granny Smith, Geneva Early, Fuji, Braeburn, Anoka, Arkansas Black, Stark Earliblaze and Winesap. Some of these I no longer have, such as Geneva Early. I am near Somerset and Lake Cumberland and Laurel Lake. Typically, if they have oodles of them at the store, why grow that variety? is my motto.

Ok, you’re not too far from us. We’re also growing Grimes, Liberty and Winesap. Those were planted two years ago, so prob no fruit this year, but our WS was a big Lowe’s tree, and it’s over 8ft tall now. So, we might get some of those this year. All of our trees (apple, pears and peaches) were planted in '16 and '17.

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I really didn’t think too highly of the fresh eating taste of Liberty…but it’s an easy one to “plant and forget” and still get a crop. BB
Assuming your Lowe’s trees are MM111 rootstock, they may get larger than you wish, but if you do severe pruning you will have to wait longer for fruit. M

We were in that area yesterday on our way home to NE KY. We were driving north out of TN, and saw the radar had a lot of snow up near Louisville, so we took the Cumberland Pkwy to I-75, then north to I-64.

The roads had some snow and slush on the shoulders, but they were mostly clear. Saw some spectacular huge icicles hanging on the rock cliffs as we drove thru.

Well, I went to the grocery yesterday…not much else…ready to hibernate, and just in time as there’s about 4 inches on the ground. BB

Now I feel bad, I got 5 likes on my apple list and now the list is in the toilet. I didn’t lie honest. I put in my order to Apple Luscious, the owner emailed me to phone him, which I did. Long story short, he discussed all the choices, and wishy washy me decided he knew best ( because he does ) and I changed the list.

Gravenstien Rosebrook
Poppy’s Wonder
Laxton’s Superb
Milo Gibson
Bills Red Flesh
Burford Red Flesh

Sorry, to mislead.


Poppy’s Wonder sounds intriguing but i’ve never seen it down south.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover nor an apple by it’s name LOL. but I must confess I chose this one for it’s name.

Poppy’s Wonder- description from Apple Luscious
A seedling of Cox Orange Pippins, reported to be better than Cox Orange. It was created when a Cox Orange Pippin core was discarded into a compost pile, and this tree resulted. Poppy is the woman’s daughter. It is a very slender tree, with a fabulous, tasty apple with a very netted skin. A most beautiful apple.


I was thinking of replacing a few McIntosh which seem to have never ending issues with Macoun…but then noticed that they seem to be soldout or unavailable at most nurseries. Are Macoun that popular or maybe they just aren’t grown as much?

What are some of the more odd shaped Apples that are worth growing in Z6?

I admit a weakness for the children of Cox’s Orange Pippin. I have had good luck with them: Alkmene and Holstein to start. Karmijn is my favorite but she is a diva.


Ginger Gold (conic; mildly ribbed; one of the best), Stayman Winesap (conic; delicious), Calville Blanc D’hiver (deeply lobed; uniquely effervescent), and Pixie Crunch (uniformly small and scrumptious).

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Have you considered top-working? Cutting most of the tree away except for a nurse limb or two and doing some cleft or bark grafts? I am thinking scionwood would be much easier to obtain that actual trees. bb