Apricot/Cherry Hybrid?

I was reading about a tree called Aprikyra that is apparently a cherry/apricot hybrid that sounds delicious. Unfortunately, it only seems to be available in Europe.

Does anyone know of any apricot/cherry hybrids available in the US? I’ve heard of pluerries but not apricot/cherries.

Thanks if anyone can help.

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The Zaigers probably have a few varierities under development. They also have a plum x cherry x apricot hybrid. I saw that hybrid on Dave Wilson Nursery facebook page.

This year, I had a couple of Rainer Cherries that I pollinated with Shakar Pareh Apricot, but the winds knocked them out.

Do you have the link of the article that mentions the cherry x apricot hybrid?

This seems to be an image from the marketer, Artevos

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I wonder if the cherry parent is a true sweet cherry ( prunus avium) or just a cherry-plum ( prunus ceracifera)?

If I were to do controlled crosses I’d try to avoid using plums. They tend to dominate all crosses.


True. If you visit DWN forums, a member posted pictures of his/her proprietary peach x plum hybrid, and the fruit looks exactly like a plum, except for the foliage which resembles like that of citation rootstock.

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Weatherman, Vohd posted the link to the page I saw, so I don’t have any other info.

I’ve mostly shyed away from the hybrids because I just don’t like plums at all. But apricots and cherries are two of my favorite fruits, so I’d be lining up to try an apricot/cherry cross.

The only thing I was wondering is if they were already available to purchase in the USA, but I guess not.

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I don’t like plums either, I prefer their hybrids.

I doubt that the Zaigers are going to release any cherry x apricot hybrids anytime soon. Thus, I’m going to start breeding my own apricot x cherry hybrids next year, and I’ll be releasing them to the members in this group.

When I release them, they are going to be on my proprietary Luna Peach x Almond clone rootstock or Luna Seedling Rootstock.


What I know, some friends of mine have experiences with this Cherrycot
Cherrycot Aprikyra is a hybride : Prunus pumila var. Besseyi x Prunus armeniaca
therefore it has no feature of Prunus Avium.

Both, in taste and appearance it appears this fruit more have characteristic of a plum, nothing special


Now I wonder what would a true Sweet Cherry ( prunus avium) x apricot (prunus armeniacs) hybrid would look like?

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Have you succeeded making a cherry x apricot cross, or found any?

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There is an older hybrid in the USA of the same parentage named ‘Yuksa’. Apparently not very productive but useful as a rootstock or interstem according to the plant breeder Dr. Barrett.

I goggled the name “Yuksa” and found a site listing many stone fruit hybrids back in 1908. I wonder how many still exist today. I am getting used to hearing about later generations bulldozing out the work and plantings of the previous generations. https://openprairie.sdstate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1107&context=agexperimentsta_bulletins&httpsredir=1&referer=


I haven’t.