Apricot Flowering Buds

I’ve summer pruned my Blenheim Apricot 4 times already. Wherever I pruned a branch, the buds below it have swollen up. Are these flowering buds? If yes, the tree is just super loaded with buds! It feels like fall already here in Northern California.

Lucky you! Those look like fruiting spurs to me!

Yes the two fat buds out of three are flower buds. The center is a vegetative bud. The flower buds aren’t always fatter and may be smaller. There can be clusters of 4-6 buds most being flower. This is the pattern on current seasons growth. On spurs there will also be flower buds in varying patterns. Pluots can have flower bud clusters of up to 20 buds on spurs. Peaches are similar to apricot. All mine are covered in flower buds.

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Hi mrsg47,

Thanks for your comments. The spurs look different. They look like branches which stop growing and have a heavier cluster of buds.

Fruiting spurs are funny things but joy when you see them! Your picture looked like the fruiting spurs on my Mirabelles and Bavay. Flowers mean fruit. Looks great to me

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