Apricot flowers

I would love to know the apricot varieties you grow! :slightly_smiling_face:

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All named ones are listed on my website: Apricot Heaven Orchard - List of varieties
Also, there are some unnamed (yet) seedlings: Apricot Heaven Orchard - Apricot breeding results


Stan this is great and thank you. It is one of my favorite fruits. I live in Apricot Alley, here in France so the varieties I get are excellent. i cannot wait to see what you have. Thank you.

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Stan, you have a great farm and orchard. I would love to see more pictures of your orchard in bloom and fruiting. Great work!

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I forgot to post earlier, mine is Bleinheim, I had this same variety in the Bay Area.
Here is a picture of my Red Atomic nectarine, I have 2 of this variety because the flowers are so pretty.



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Thank You!

Ok, I need to correct myself. Redsweet apricot’s flowers are a bit pinkish, see here: