Apricot flowers

Hi im in seattle, WA so growing apricot for fruits aren’t that much sucess. but i love flowers. Anyone growing apricots if you can please share photos of the flowers and the varieties? My only requirement is them to flower. I dont care if it fruits or not (its most likely not going to fruit well in my area anyhow). I think i have seen most apricot flwoers are generally white. But i think there is a difference in the white itself. Im kinda looking for more pink apricot flowers. Im collecting a few ume flowering apricots but they are bushy and not a tree. Thank you!

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Also, anyone here know of genetically dwarf apricots? They might be ideal for flowering specimens.

Garden Annie

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In my experience these are medium size trees (10’ x 10’), and dwarf only in comparison to full-size apricot (25’ high by 40’ wide). My idea of a genetic dwarf is like Garden Prince almond with only 1 inch spacings between nodes.

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yes i saw your post on garden prince almond! the tree sure looks cute!

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Have you look into Japanese flowering apricots, prunus mume?

Prunus mume (Japanese Apricot, Japanese Flowering Apricot, Japanese Flowering Plum, Mei, Mume) | North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox.

They look like they fit your requirements, small trees with beautiful white, pink, rose, red flowers in single and double forms.

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I found one from my garden 2021.


The ume (Prunus mume) you already have will become trees even if they just look like bushes now. Whitman Farms has a good selection if you decide to get more.



I’m curious why just Apricot flowers? Trying to understand if it’s anything specific to Apricot blooms or do you like flowering plums/peaches/cherries as well? The reason is, there should be some double flowering stone fruits that also bloom later than Apricots, so more chance of producing fruits


Sorry, you have already mentioned prunus mume. I’d have read more carefully.

Like @californicus said, I am curious why just apricots? Some flowering peaches are so pretty.

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Hollywood Plum ( Hollywood Plum is off the chain! - YouTube ),Spice Zee Nectaplum and Atomic Red Nectarine ( What's blooming in my garden. Spice Zee nectaplum and Atomic Red nectarine. - YouTube ) first two are both pretty for red leaf reasons. Latter’s flower are hot pink…maybe “double”? I’m not really a flower guy, but they’re pretty striking.

I’ve heard Apricots in the PNW pretty reliably either get drenched during flowering or the flowers get frozen off, so a related species that’s slightly later blooming might better provide what you’re looking for.

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I think you’d have better luck with flowering crabapples, as apricot blossoms are very small and do not last very long. They are pretty though.

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i do have a few flowering apricots mume but i was hoping more for apricot tree they have differnt flowers. i do have a few stone fruits and pears. peach they require copper fungicide in my area so i’m still conflicted in collecting them. apricots just a thought i think its fun to test it.

I have about 100 apricot varieties and flowers on all of them look pretty much the same to me.


maybe i should focus on other fruits trees that have pink or red flowers

How many prunus mume you have?

Do you have the rose and red flower varieties yet?

Red Baron peach gas double red flowers.

My favorite is weeping cherry blossom. We don’t get enough chill here, and my priorities are different for my yard. So, I didn’t look into the varieties that produce long and reliable blooms. There should be many varieties that work in your area.

Back before I had any clue as to what I was doing I ordered a few “Bush Apricots” from a website called Michigan bulb.

I have no idea what variety they really are, perhaps seedlings, maybe Manchurian apricots… but they did survive 38 below last year.

While mine have not produced flowers yet, other folks who purchased them have posted pictures:



These pictures are spectacular. Thank you for sharing.