Apricot graft incompatibility on K1

A Montrose apricot budded two yrs ago on K1 suddenly died. When I went to remove the affected branch it showed severe graft incompatibility as pictured below. This was the second lower bud. The higher bigger branch shows a swollen union in the latter photos. Wonder how long it will last?

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Since I have the same problems with K1 I graft only prunus domestica on this

Everything else such as apricot, peach and nectarines fail, they don’t want to grow this all after many attempts, I switched on better rootstocks.

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I’ve had good crops of nectarines and plums off K1 in the past. Those fruited several yrs before I replanted the entire area and taking out those trees. My current apricots and nectarines on K1 are bearing their second crop.

I don’t expect the trees to be long lived. Maybe I can harvest a few more crops off most of the trees.

I tried Apricot and maybe some other stone fruit on K1 a year or two ago and never did get anything to take.It could have been me though.
Not too many problems this time onto another Apricot and Nectarine. Brady

I had a few similar breaks plus many other failures (all on apricot). I’m in the “never more” camp with K1…

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I’ve had high success rates budding K1. Takes on nearly 100% of trees when setting two buds per tree.

This is the first sign of incompatibility. Slow growth of peach and nectarine is a given. The apricots and pluots have grown well.

I will give it a try on Pluot Budding mid-August…who knows.

I just budded some cots to mine. 1st time so i’ll have to watch them. Maybe put some plum or something for an interstem down the road should i see issues.