Apricot oozing sap/dying

hello all,

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I have a new property that came with several fruit trees, including an apricot. Last summer it had a great harvest with lots of delicious fruit. However, shortly after harvest, half of the tree died. And this summer the half that survived produced a few flowers but no fruit.

The tree has sap oozing from a few spots a few feet up the main trunk and from most of the branch joints throughout the tree. I don’t see any insects/scale bugs/etc. I’ve read that fruit tree borers are a common problem, but I would expect the problems to be at the bottom of the trunk.

I’ll attach a photo (only 1 allowed for new users).

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin

Most probably, this is bacterial canker. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s all over the tree, which means survival is unlikely.