Apricot sap identification?

Hi can someone please identify this problem on my apricot tree and how to solve it, and if it’s deadly?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like gummosis. One of my peach trees has had it for three years now and it just gave me 250 peaches, so take that into consideration when you decide how to handle it. I use copper fungicide in the late winter / early spring but it still leaks after a good rain. I think as long as it is transparent you are ok. If it turns opaque it could mean a bacterial infection.

I think some people might suggest to cut it down entirely and move on or cut it a few inches below the lowest damaged spot (when dormant) and let it regrow from there, which will set you back at least a year or two.

One thing is for sure, though, it will never go away and if it bacterial, it will spread to other trees if the infected sap makes contact with the other trees, maybe by pruning without sterilizing tools before each tree.

Possibly canker. It may pull out of it and it may not. Some apricot varieties are quite susceptible.

I’ve had that on one of my apricot trees for several years, although from the looks of it, not quite to the extent yours has it. It hasn’t seemed to hurt the tree in any way that I can discern.

This can occur when the fruit stock attempts to grow faster than the semi-dwarfing rootstock, and also vis a vis when the rootstock is much more aggressive than the fruit stock. There are a number of other causes of gumosis as well.

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