Apricot tree branches on only one side


My apricot tree is in its second year, and I’m researching how to make this year’s pruning cuts. But all the branches have developed on just one side. There are 3 main branches with about 1 lateral per branch. Do I need to start over? There is only one tiny branch at the top heading sort of in the right-hand direction. Will new branches develop out of the trunk? Please helpl!

Young apricots send out lots of new shoots from blind wood, so very easy to correct previous pruning mistakes. Eventually your apricot will put out some new wood on the blind side, as long as it gets sunlight.

Just try to select the thinnest shoots coming off the trunk. Most of your shoots look a little thick from the picture to select as ideal scaffolds. If this is the case, cut them back to encourage new shoots and then select those as scaffolds the next growing season.


I stand ready for correction, but it looks like a good candidate for dutch cuts on those heavier scaffold branches.




Thank you so much for your encouraging information! How many inches approximately should I leave on the thick current shoots? My guidebook says cut them back 2/3 in length, but if I want to use a future shoot as scaffold, I should probably cut them back more…?

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2/3rds would probably work. You just want to prune it back so as to try to encourage a flush of growth. You’re likely to get some new shoots on the trunk that way.

It looks like the bottom shoot might be small enough diameter to keep. If so, you might trim it back some to try to keep it in balance with the new shoots which come out.