Jan 24


Green house apricot, nice and very encouraging!
My apricot tree struggled for past several years and finally died. I really didn’t get much apricots out of it.

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Im assuming you are hand pollinating? Nice looking greenhouse set up there.

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Thanks, it’s not huge but i’m happy with what I can grow here in Toronto, Canada!

I counted 20 fruit… here are some pics from today Feb 26



Have you measured the brix of your greenhouse apricots before? How about other greenhouse fruits?

I’m way behind you, but here are mine! Blenheim.


It’s the first time getting fruit! The little fruits died from a cold spell last year. I get figs and citrus mostly from inside here. Other fruit trees are outside in the ground, like cherries, plums and apples. Along with grapes, black berries and raspberries.


Well a month later. I have slacked on watering and it’s been hot. Some fruit fell off but still have enough for a good sample. Here are a few this evening March 26.


The fruit density is too high, that’s why some dropped. Best to have 5-6” between each two fruits.

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Here is an update! May 5


Here is the Apricot 2023. Like clock work it’s flowering again, on my Birthday! Jan 24.
Sadly this might be it’s last year. It’s been in the same pot for maybe 5 years!


Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday!
It’s very nice to see beautiful flowers while it’s covered by snow outside.

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Maybe you can plant it? I can do apricot in Montreal. It might stay dormant longer (def would) and you just have to risk the spring frosts!

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That’s pretty cool you can grow them there! I’m sure you’re zone4? I get to control it’s dormancy. I choose to leave it in the pot so I don’t have to wait till the mid-end of summer for fruit. I’m not even sure when Apricots would be ripe in zone 5b? By May 5th I’m picking fresh Apricots in the Greater Toronto area.

Actually zone 5b/6a by Canadian hardiness. We are same as Toronto (depending where gta)… a bit of a microclimate related to the st-Lawrence (like your Lake Ontario effect).
Greenhouse is definitely cool. The advantage of outside is really allowing it to grow outside the pot - I thought your 5 year comment meant it was coming to its end. You can try it outside is all I mean! If it is zoned appropriately.

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Pick apricot in early May is really early! I am in zone5B, I usually pick my apricot in mid of July.
Apricot tree or fruit is difficult to grow . The tree is susceptible to many diseases and short lived. The flowers are susceptible to late spring frost.

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Yes I do have other fruit trees. Peaches, nectarines and apricots do not do as good here. They live maybe a few years in my experience. I am Between lake Simco and lake Ontario. It’s great in the summer… hot inland summer heat. In the winter some clear days are cold without the lake effect. This is a wenatchee moorpark. Good for this zone but I know they don’t last more then a few years if it were in ground.