Apricots are sizing up nicely

With today’s high temperature of 98.6 F it goes fast

Pinkcot (Copty)



Orange Red

Goldrich (Jumbo Cot)

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Now you’ve done it. You made me hungry for cots.

Do they like heat while ripening? I think my environment probably offers most fruit more heat than it prefers during the summer. I welcome tasty heat lovers.

My favorite fruit and you have them! I have three trees, but no cots yet. They are just beautiful. Do you thin them? Or, is it not necessary (like apples). Great looking apricots and so many! Thanks

This is my first Apricot crop ever.
I was always told it is impossible for my climate zone in order to grow apricots. Well I’m glad I have done the Job!

I do not have them thinned out it, was too painful
The big fruit ‘Pinkcot’ was graft on nectarine tree


Very nice first crop!

Those are sizing up nicely!

@mrsg47, I thin my cots a bit, more like plum thinning since they don’t size up like peaches.

I had a ton of cots for a few weeks and now have none but will have another group coming in a week or so. It seems like I have early cots and late cots and nothing in between.

Alcedo, your OrangeReds look so good! Congrats.

Scott next year I’m pretty sure I’ll have cots. The thinning info is very important to me. It seems as if my plums thin themselves. I do not have a serious loss, but their own editing system of turning yellow or a little purple and dropping is working just fine. I will still have a ton of plums this year! I only have euro plums. As for peaches, I must have removed at least 100. Once these trees start producing it is amazing. Thanks!

OMG, these deliciouse apricot!! :yum:

Today I ate my first orangered, In summary what a sensational mouth experience was that!
Next season I would like to double the number of fruits …If possible


Nice pictures. I was just surprised your Pinkcot isn’t ripe yet, it should be maturing about a week ahead of Orangered.

You are right Pinkcot should be maturing about a week later or so ahead of Orangered I have tasted this fruit because it was bumped by a tree bird. So, not fully ripe fruit.
Now I will make a bird netting for protection.