Apricots stopped development

I have a Harglow apricot tree, that was a troubled tree from the beginning with slow waking up and some kind of a canker, though it managed to treat us with 10 fruit last year and 4 of them a year before. The fruit were ready early, like mid of June. This year despite very rainy spring it set decent crop - may be a half- gallon of fruit or so. The problem is, at some point the fruit just stopped to develop. They are about 2/3 size of the fruit we eat last year and stay this way for about 3 weeks already and do not change. They do not fall, they do not grow, they do not change color. They behave like they should not be ready for another month or two. Normally, I would already prune the tree after I take off the cover and pick fruit. This year - it is already jungle undercover because of the healthy large grows(thanks to all the rain we having) I didn’t prune yet. Should I just consider a failed crop for this year , open the tree up and start pruning or just let it be under cover? The shoots push on the cover, bend under and create a pretty dense blanket. I don’t think this is helping fruit development. Though I never thought it is possible for the tree just to pass it’s due date so much and not to abort the fruit…

I don’t know anything about Har- series. Ripening apricots in mid June is quite early considering we are 15 minutes away. My first apricots ripen around mid July. All 4-5 variesties ripen in succession with two weeks after that.

Could it be that your first two years were an exception? With very few fruit in 2017 and 2018, maybe, the tree had enough energy to ripen the fruit earlier? Also, we had more sun the last two years than we had this spring. Right now, all my cots look like what you describe but they are normal to me.

By mid July, if mine do not start to ripen, then, I will be nervous.


What do you do with pruning? This year grows is huge and with my cover on it is a problem…

This seems to be normal development on my Harglows

They seem to pause before making a final push to size up and ripen

I generally prune after harvest, but I can see your concern if the dense foliage could be harboring rot, especially in hot wet weather

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I started to think last two years when tree was really in not good shape it probably was in hurry to ripen fruit while it is still alive… May be slow development of this year is a sign of three getting well :grin:. Any experience of pruning while fruit are still on the tree? Should I just prune most vigorous shoots to let some sun in and do full pruning after crop is gone?

Me, I wouldn’t remove netting with fruits on the tree for fear of knocking them off and the difficulty of replacing the net. I’d just keep up fungicide sprays and wait to prune

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I have a frame, I do not need to remove netting, just get under it. My concern is how tree will react on pruning with fruit on.

I don’t have an apricot tree. Mine are grafts. They do grow long canes like 6 ft long. I just shortened a couple as needed.

Like peaches, I would prune off shoots that block sunlight as needed. In fact, like peaches and other stone fruit, fruit development stall for a while before growing again and start to ripen.

I think your theory about early ripening of your Har may be right. The tree was worried it would die so it produced faster!!

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I prune peach branches with fruit on. I don’t see any issue.

Don’t do it today or tomorrow. We have rain. Wait until Mon. We will be dry for those three days (Mon - Wed). These stone fruit are so prone to canker. Why risk pruning in a wet, hot and humid condition ?



I’m in about the same zone you are. I checked my log and find that my Harglows regularly ripen mid-July, so yours seem normal to me.

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Well, you motivated me! I went out earlier this morn before the heat was up and pruned my cots - they being in quite a different condition from yours, having no fruit at all to concern me but a lot of dead winter-killed wood.

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