Aquilegia - an elegant weed

Here are some pictures of self seeded Aquilegia (Columbine) in my yard. I planted probably one or two few years ago. This is what I have now:
In a company of knock out rose:

Under mock orange:

This one grows in 1 inch space between concrete steps and wooden garden bed frame.

These multi-color beauties are grandchildren of original blue one.

And there are already grand-grands in progress(accompanied by another useful weed - dill):

Who said the columbine loves shade? Here you are, full sun, 90F doing better than sorrel:

Only place where they are planted in purpose (volunteers transplanted) - to cover the blocks of retaining wall from weeds(the bad ones):

And last, but not least, a crazy one. I am sure it will grow just fine if I let it be. But how to use the stairs then?


im in the process of adding beneficial/ medicinal flowers and herbs around my fruit tress/ bushes. i may have to add this one as well. just planted some seedling betony and red welsh onion. my eygptian onions i planted last fall are already big and green.lemon balm came back and georgia fire garlic is up and growing.

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I spent quite a bit of money buying several potted columbines over the years. I love the shape and the colors of it. It does not like my yard (poor soil). It disappeared the year after I planted it and never comes back.

After several trials, I gave up on columbine. I have many other perennials growing well in my yard.


I agree, they come up everywhere …with tenacious roots. Can’t yank them out!
Started with 1 plant, 8 yrs ago. Full sun, moist soil.


I understand well. I even brought back seeds from the Chelsea Flower Show in London, not one seed took. Then in one of my back shade gardens in Newport, one summer a red and yellow wild columbine started growing and never stopped. They grow in poor soil too.

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I bought some hybrid columbines a few years ago - by the end of the year they had all rotted away.

Now this year, somehow, they are back! Such gorgeous big flowers - unmistakably the hybrids. Where had they gone? How did they come back true? I will certainly save seeds.

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planted lavender bergamot, betony, purple coneflower and red welsh oinion out around my trees and bushes. grew them indoors 1st. got them in just before the rain last night. all my madicinals, and flowers i put in last year all came back and growing like crazy.