Arbor day tree quality?

Has anyone ordered trees from the Arbor day foundation?:

Looking to add some shade trees and their prices are quite reasonable. Curious how the quality is?

1 season I bought 30 Korean Boxwoods and 15 Paper Birch. For the boxwoods 10 died within a few days. The remainder didn’t make it through the winter. For the Paper Birch 2 survived the summer. The next summer they leafed out but never grew. When they finally lost their leaves around June I dug them up. Roots never grew. I asked for replacements. I was sent 15 more. Out of those 4 lived through 1 season. This last summer not 1 had a single leaf.

Save your money.

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Yikes… I’ve bought trees (confiers/etc) through Musser Forest and have had good success.

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Hi Mickster,
I bought 3 nanking cherry trees from the Arbor Foundation last year early spring and so far, so good. They were skinny twigs when I received them and the roots were kind of lacking, I mean I could actually count the little things. They really looked like they were on their last legs and so I prepared my soil to accommodate their deficiencies as best as I could. By summer they were nicely leafed out and looking like they enjoyed their fertilizer meals! This year, late spring, I will take pictures and post them. So to answer your question honestly, I have seen and received much better plants from other sources, and I would not have ordered those nanking cherries if I could have ordered them from another source during the late season when I placed the order. The Arbor Foundation was my last resort.

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yes, I ordered 3 chestnut trees, I wanted them for root stock and to pollinate an older tree. They came bear root and I followed the directions soaking the roots etc. They all lived and I was able to graft .with good success.

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I did, a few years ago so I can’t remember what tree was it. All I remember that it’s so small. I did get 10 tiny spruce as free gifts which I gave them away.

if you’d like to support the foundation, order from them. If you want a bigger, better quality trees, you should order from reputable nurseries.

Before I knew anything about gardening, I joined their foundation and got 5 “free” Crape Myrtle trees. They sent bareroot saplings with puny roots and just 2 of the 5 survived. They have thrived now but I’m still not sure what variety they are since they haven’t flowered in 2 years. I’ll suggest you stay away.

I’ll also suggest to check out the shade tree before buying it. They are supposed to live longer than us and it’s critical that they are of good quality. Unlike our fruit trees, you cannot even correct some deficiencies.

Thanks for all for the awesome feedback. I’m actually looking for a couple of southern magnolias to act as shade trees / privacy barriers between me and the neighbors. Anyone seen these at a reasonable price somewhere else? We have a bunch on our property and they do well with no care.

The biggest problem with arbor day is the trees are small not poor health of trees. I wanted to clarify because some nurseries send dead or close to it plants and that they don’t do in my experience.

If I had known you wanted Nanking cherries I could have sent you some. I have a small bed of seedlings in a very shady spot( it keeps them from growing) when I want to add to my hedge or I accidentally kill one by girdling it with flagging tape😁, I just transplant one out into the sun and they start growing.

Hi Derby42,
I still want nanking cherries if I can get them. Please let me know how much it will cost me to get a few from you! I guess it is too late now. Huh? Could or would you send me a personal message. I still have not figured out how to send a message to anyone yet. Forgive me…:relieved:

ahgrower, to read the message I just sent you - click on the little green circle at the top right of your screen. Then click on the highlighted line where it shows my name in the box that pops up.

I sent you a pm

The cheap magnolias are rooted cuttings and need TLC . All of the small trees need this . They are not ready to survive in the yard . I now grow in a pot the first summer and plant them out in the fall . This improves the survival rate .

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