Arborvitae & rust

To the many who know more than I, I would like to confirm that:
A.) the photos are of arborvitae… arborvitaes (argh, what’s the plural? Damn you Latin!)
B.) they do not play host to the apple/pear/quince rusts

1000% healthy. NO rust, no nada.

Right, Thuja/Platycladus (possibility of yellow foliage specimen?) don’t have any connections to Cedar Apple Rust. It’s the Genus: Juniperus/Juniper that does. Got any cones on that lighter foliaged specimen? I can tell you right away if it’s Thuja or Platycladus.

What you are seeing is the beginnings of fall whether induced from drought or is naturally occurring. Conifers shed needles the same as deciduous trees shed leaves. That’s the slight yellowing you had your concerns of.



Thanks Barkslip,

The lighter-colored specimen is just over the fence on my neighbors property. I’ll have to give a more thorough look later for cones without creeping my neighbor out. haha.

weirdo :smiley: