Arch trellis - which direction? N-S or E-W

I’ve decided to install an arch trellis using a mesh wire panel in my veggie garden.
I’m going to plant some winter squash along it.
Which direction should the arch go? Assuming the plants will climb up and over, should they be growing North-South or East-West?

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Well, I see that no one is replying so I will give it a try.

The general recommendation is to run a trellis North-South so that both sides get equal sunshine without a side (such as the North side in a East-West trellis) being shaded out during the day. However, my two grape/muscadine trellises run East-West and they do fine. Perhaps the best advise would be to plan your arch go the direction that best fits your circumstances. It really seems to me to make very little difference which direction trellises run.


I created my kiwi trellis along the path of the sun during growing season. That way the leaves up top get full sun, and it’s not shading half the garden at all times.

I did no research, but that was my line of thinking.

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