'Arctic Beauty' kiwi - How far north really?

To what northern zone is anybody growing ‘Arctic Beauty’ kiwi and getting good fruiting. Zones quoted by suppliers ranges and is often stretched.

im in z3b and have 3 A. kolomikta, 2 female and a male. so far so good but they are young plants that haven’t been tresiled yet. only in 2nd leaf. ive read on a half doz. sites its hardy to z3. even one green world is saying it and they are very conservative on their zone ratings .

I had a good harvest on the north edge of zone 4 near Minneapolis.

were yours slow to establish?


Thinking of trying some at the zone line from 4 to 3 in MN on a porch arbor for summer shading as well as fruit. The pink/green leaves look nice. Do they leaf drop in summer like Engleman Ivy(tired those once and what a mess and sap beetles as well).

Where you at, drake? Even zones are relative, z6 boston and z6 kansas arent at all similar in terms of wind, humidity, etc… Speaking to the Midwest my parents have a nice plant in central Wisconsin Zone 4 (stevens point) But they started with two and one died, and it’s close to the house… So it’s a data point but with caveats

Arctic Beauty and actinidia kolomikta in general are hardy to zone 3 or at least -40F. Sensitive to drought though, they are shallow rooted and dont like dry feet.

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