'Arctic Star' nectarine

‘Arctic Star’ nectarine is almost in full bloom now:

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Beautiful flowers, very nice.

DWN really should list this tree as an edible ornamental.

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I just ordered an Red Baron per Tony’s recommendation/ temptation. But my Red Baron is rated zone 6, I have to put it in a pot or building a structure around it for the winter. Which lower zone the Arctic Star is rated?

Someone in the lower zones would need to speak to whether or not AS will work in your locale. DWN does not list it in its Recommendations for USDA Zones 5-9.. Does make the ‘Arctic’ part of the name rather questionable. :smile:

I have a snow queen on lovell, does not have peach every year. Is the AS fragrant?

My AS is in full bloom, too. It is so lovely, and such a nice deep pink. I haven’t checked to see if it is fragrant. If it is, it would be faintly so, as I don’t notice any fragrance as I walk by, or when I took these photos.

Patty S.

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Those pictures are wonderful. Those are some beautiful blooms. I am now thinking of pulling out my pluot tree for one now… How is the fruit? I may just pull out my pluot for one if it doesnt produce this year.

I agree with Patty, the fragrance is insignificant. The smell of citrus right now is downright intoxicating in the evening though! AS is a winner all the way around here in our low-chill locale.

Patty, your tree is definitely in full bloom. Very nice. Not much petal fall yet?

You guys are talking petal fall …

I am talking Icicle fall



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The smell of citrus in the night air, flowering nectarines dazzling in shades of pink…what is this some romance novel? :slight_smile: This isn’t right. Its cruel.

Its like 10F here and snowing…everything is crusty and iced over. Thankfully i have a kitchen full of young stronefruit growing under some grow lights to cheer me up :sunny:

Ha! It’s chilly here too. Had to wear long pants to work today and slept with the window closed last night. :smile:

All kidding aside, my heart goes out to all of you dealing with the cold. You are all much hardier than I am. I wouldn’t be able to handle it for any length of time.

:sob: +1 It is so unfair and cruel. Beautiful blossom, fragrant air, nice warm weather compare to a foot of snow on the ground. You guys a lucky!

Just think of it as a Winter Wonderland.That’s what I did sometimes when living in Des Moines,IA,taking a walk at night in the country was awesome.Didn’t even need a light.
Have patience,your Spring is coming Brady

Clint, height of bloom right now, not much petal fall, yet. Again, will have to heavily thin this tree. It sets a bazillion fruit. Even with heavy thinning, we still get a LOT of fruit. All excellent.

And yes, the citrus are in high bloom right now, and I love to smell the citrus at night, as it comes wafting in. Absolutely wonderful to fall asleep smelling the citrus.

Patty S.

I’m jealous. I love the smell of fragrant flowers, and I’ve never smelled citrus flowers. Plums and apples have a nice scent, but you generally have to get close to smell them, especially plums. Peaches (which is by far what I have the most of) barely smell at all. Pear and pawpaw flowers flat stink.

My wife grows peonies, which are very fragrant, but one can’t eat those. :smile:

Olpea, citrus fragrance is pretty close to wisteria, maybe less over powering.

IL847, ‘Red Baron’ is one of DWN’s edible ornamentals. Hoping you will be able to post pictures in bloom this season. It shares the same harvest window as ‘Babcock’ peach and ‘Burgundy’ plum here, so I never planted that one.

‘Arctic Star’ with a little bit of petal fall this morning:

Almost ready to start thinning:

Starting to size up and show some color:

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Those fruits look good. What out for critters.