Are all glysophate herbicides basically the same?


I’ve used that. It does fine.


I use citric acid to lower the pH. Glyphosate is subject to alkaline hydrolysis, so lower the pH for that reason.

Glyphosate is also subject to react/bind to any cations in the spray tank water. There are articles all over the internet about conditioning the spray water with ammonium sulfate before the glyphosate concentrate is added. However, there was also some research posted on this forum, which suggested that concern was overblown.


Would glyso damage to the roots produce such a grape leaf?


The moss is due to its due to being affected by roundup, its perfectly OK does not affect the soil pH so do not worry about it. It takes the place of the weeds you killed.



Besides the three grapevines being damaged, one of my peach trees appears to not be sprouting at all. Do trees damaged by glyso “grow out of it “ in future seasons, or is this damage permanent?


I couldn’t find close subject search on the topic I am going to ask about and This one is close so if it’s OK I am going to ask a question in this thread. Mods. please feel free to move it if it’s out of category. Anyway, We have had the first multiple days of rain this year and up to this point I have mostly only had water on my garden with my drip irrigation so the weeds haven’t been very bad. Well…I’ve been gone 4 days and it’s rained every day and my garden is FULL of weeds and grass…I can pull the ones in the plants but there are a TON others…Can anyone say if it’s OK to spray in between the rows with Glysophate?



I don’t have garden rows per se, but I do have tomatoes, which are very sensitive to glyphosate. I do spray around the tomatoes, but do so only when there is no wind and use a very coarse spray with the pump up, and keep the wand very close to the weeds I want to kill. If weeds are really close to tomatoes, I actually dribble a little bit of the spray on those weeds to make sure no mist or droplets get on the tomatoes.

I think you can take care of the weeds between the rows, if you’ve gotten behind, but just make sure there is no wind, use low pressure on the pump up sprayer, and keep the wand very close to the ground. Be on the lookout for any spray mist or splash up.

If we are doing delicate spraying like that, many times we will keep a 5 gal. bucket of fresh water handy, and if we think we’ve gotten some glyphosate mist on a plant/tree, we immediately douse it with the fresh water. When we do that, we’ve never seen any negative side effects of the glyphosate.


@dutch-s Here is a pic I took yesterday. This is 10 days after I sprayed Glystar Pro in between my blueberry rows. I was just very careful and held my backpack sprayer wand close to the ground to prevent drift.


Olpea, zazlev, Thank you so much for the responses. I’ve used the Glysophate around my trees with no ill effects just never in my garden. It appears if careful there should be no ill effects so I am going to spray …Thanks again…


I don’t mind the moss around the trees, but I don’t care for the slippery stuff growing on the edge of the driveway. The glyphosate definitely changed the soil. There is also and explosion in purslane and plaintain growing in the same area. Purslane I hardly ever see, so it is bit shocking to see growing in large numbers now.


Does anyone know if you have to worry about weed wacking the dead standing grass onto the lawn? I sprayed about two weeks ago and I wanted to get rid of the brown grass. It’s all over the lawn now.


No problem with residue. Glysophate breaks down very rapidly.




Careful is the word of today. When spraying around any tree/bush/plant that you don’t want to damage be careful. I occasionally spray around plants but I am extremely diligent about what the spray is hitting. Been using it for 10 plus years without any issues. Here are a few cautions I take. Make sure there is no suckers, low foliage, no surface roots, no rain for a few hours, and grass is dry, keep nozzle low (bend those knees), and spray sparingly directed away from trunk. Yes it is a pain to be this careful but it is how I have avoided killing my precious plants.


And if I see that I got a bit of Roundup on my crop, I immediately reach down and rip off that leaf or small branch so it can’t kill the plant.


I have done that


Me three. Washing works too, if done right away. Once I figured it out after 20 minutes and I defoliated the plant. It worked!


Juries also found OJ not guilty.


Do you happen to know the brands that are safe around water? I have a pond and a creek. That is why I have not used that product but I would like to keep the weeds down if I could find one that would not hurt the water.


get close on a calm day. you should be ok.