Are cherries bush or otherwise doable in Raleigh?

Hey guys! I’m curious if any kinds of bush or other cherries are doable in this area with low spray care? There are plenty of ornamental cherries around but I assume we are too hot and humid for much in the way of cherries.

There are several good thread on the subject. The answer is maybe. First of all when you say bush cherry your taking about sour cherry flavor, not sweet cherries. There are not bush sweet cherries. Second does it have to be a good cherry or an OK cherry.

Meader cherries are quite OK cherries. They have been no spray for me.

Jan, Joel, Joy Dr. Meader cherries - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit

I have yet to taste Nankings but they are often grown from seed so they range from OK to good. The forums also agrees they are rather temperamental. One Vendor Edible Landscpes is noted for having 3 white nanking cultivars Edible Landscaping LLC the original since 1979 and they are out of afton VA. So that should be very simular to your climate

Then you have Sour Cherries - University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program | University of Saskatchewan ( Dwarf Cherries. These have similar genetics to sour cherries eg, 3 sets chromosomes from prunus fructosos and one from prunus Avium (sweet cherry), sour cherries have 2 sets from p.fructos and 2 from p.avium.

There bred with colder Climents in mind but do well furthur south also
Unreleased University of Saskatchewan prarie cherries we want & what we know about them contrasted with romance series cherries - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit

Finaly, does it have to be a cherry? Plenty of fruits taste like sour cherries.
Goumi’s for example grow well just about everywhere.

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Thanks for the extensive information! I’ve been looking for guomi for awhile now. Any recommendations on a good priced place to get some? I failed rooting cuttings last season

I got mine from raintree nursery, one green world has them.

Hmm, looks like one green world only has one variety available. Id like to get two different ones for cross pollination as ive heard it can really help goumi fruit

Goumi Bushes for Sale | Burnt Ridge Nursery | Buy Goumi Berry Plants | Edible Shrubs

Sweet Scarlet™ Goumi Berry | Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard (

you might just have to use there waitlists. I Goumi’s are consistently available yearly. raintree seemd to have them in stock.