Are my peaches ok?

Taken from some of my trees. I think they look good… you guys tell me.

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What do you have for peaches? Do you know what your low was?

I have a redbud that clearly got hit hard by ~15°F. On it it is very clear which flowers survived and which ones didn’t. Half are pink and half are black.

I haven’t examined my peach because I don’t want to pick off flowers that might still be viable.

Certainly there are people here who know much more than me, but when mine got hit by frost one year it was easy to tell when you cut them open. They had black in the center that was clearly dead, something I don’t see in yours. My money is on those being alive and well!

Your pics aren’t close enough to tell. But if the style and ovary are still green looking your fruit is still OK. Those are the parts in the center. Not the ones with pollen sacks on the ends.

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PF-5, PF-9 PF-24, PF-35, Saturn, White Lady, Indian Free, and O’Henry. For nectarines i have Mericrest, Nectacrest, SunGlo, and Independence.

Low i have to check. I think you’re in Iowa City if i remember, I’m in Cedar Rapids. So probably lower than you.

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Those are very cool pictures.Thanks for showing them. Brady

Click twice on the picture to see the close-up. They look good to me :slightly_smiling:

Here’s a link which you might find useful.


Thanks for the link. Very helpful. Glad to know that i got some verification.

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I’m in a hole in Coralville. I’m usually 3-5 degrees colder than the local weather forecast for Cedar Rapids.

Did any of your peaches or nectarines flower last year? I’m curious about the hardiness of them.

Got a few flowers last year. Mostly young trees, second leaf. I was building structure so i probably cut most of the fruiting wood off. The trees at the beginning of the year were only 3-4 foot tall. This year the trees started off at 7-7.5 foot before i pruned them back to 6-6.5.

I’m really interested to see how i do next season.