Are old apple scions viable

Grafting can be fun and entertaining. I just happened to think about all my scions that I collected in January 2021 and I looked through some of them and as you would expect some were dry but many had buds that were swelling. The ones pictured below looked dry but had a mix of buds enlarging and some not at all. I took the three scions out and rinsed them off and placed the ends into some water. I will let them soak up water overnight and then I plan to graft them tomorrow. Will they grow? If they take, will they be winter hardy?


I think that your best chance is chip budding with the most dormant appearing buds. And yes, if they take they should heal in and be winter hardy. Go for it!

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I’d snip the dried bottoms off and put back in the water.

I’ve whip and tongue grafted dormant apple scions in September, with a high take rate, and some survived the winter :slight_smile: Ours is pretty mild.

Unfortunately, several were to a tree that got girdled by voles and succumbed.

I wouldn’t plan to store and save scions for grafting until this late, but it can work.


Good advice. They have been snipped.

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Here in upstate NY I’ve chip budded apples into early-mid September and had them still make it through the winter. One I did last year has put on almost 5 feet of growth this year! A nice seedling bittersharp I found on some relatives land.


I grafted a 9 month old plum scion with success.