Are pears really good for you?

Yes pears are good for you! When I grow them I try to take good care of the trees. The pear fruit I view the same as I would a multi vitamin.


from the picture I would assume that pears are good for women, but I donā€™t know about any benefits for men.


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meā€¦ a partridge in a pear tree.

To answer your question- I think you would have a harder if not impossible time answering ā€œare pears bad for youā€?

Pros- Gut Health, Anti-Cancer, Anti Diabetic, Heart Health, Weight Loss, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiberā€¦ etc etc etc etc.


Arenā€™t they high in sugar? I still love themā€¦especially Bartlett types with that melting flesh. I prefer pears to apples. Even canned pears are excellent.



They really are good for you if your a man or woman we all need their beneficial nutrients.

Absolutely I agree
ā€œPros- Gut Health, Anti-Cancer, Anti Diabetic, Heart Health, Weight Loss, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiberā€¦ā€

As far as sugar goes not everything is created equally. So a pear that has a 100 calories is much lower calories than say a can of pop thatā€™s 180 calories and way more filling. If you like caffeine and thought kind of thing pop is the better choice or coffee or tea are lower calorie options. Your correct a sweeter pear like Bartlett aka Williams may be sweeter but that is also why itā€™s higher in calories.


In reality pears (and apples too) are just OK at best as a food source. Here is a comparative table of the nutrient content per 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of pears, apples, tomatoes and broccoli.

The source of the data is the Nutrition Coordinating Center Food and Nutrient Database. The percentage bars represent the recommended dietary allowances for an adult per day.
From Wikipedia:
ā€œRecommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), the daily dietary intake level of a nutrient considered sufficient by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine to meet the requirements of 97.5% of healthy individuals in each life-stage and sex group. The definition implies that the intake level would cause a harmful nutrient deficiency in just 2.5%.ā€

In other words 100% of the RDA is the bare minimum not the optimal amount an adult should consume per day.


Alsoā€¦ if you are counting carbsā€¦

1 cup cubed pear 25 g
1 cup sliced strawberries 12 g

To maintain ketosisā€¦ most people have to restrict carbs to somewhere between 20 and 50 g carbs daily. It varies by individualā€¦ metabolism of individuals varies some.

25 g is a pretty big hit on the daily carb limit.

In a dayā€¦ I could eat 2 rib eye steaksā€¦ 4 eggsā€¦ cheddar cheeseā€¦ butterā€¦ (all no carb) and 1 cup of pear cubed. 2 MAD.

But with strawberries and raspberriesā€¦ I could do more like 2 cups.

Carbs are the Devilā€¦ for meā€¦ and lots of other folks too. Control the amountā€¦ and you can get by.


I dont believe in RDA or any Food Pyramid (USDA) to be honest-- its all based on whatever is lobbied the heaviest

As for fruits having X amount of G of carbs/sugars they were bred that way in my opinionā€¦ and if i want to be honest with myself yes i do agree that modern day versions of fruit are higher in sugar content than nature intended.

Whatever the first pear, peach, apple, plum or strawberries wereā€¦were surely not as tasty as the cultivars are nowā€¦

Another answer to are pears good for you? - Yes if they arent sprayedā€¦ fruit skins are just like oursā€¦ every chemical that they are exposed to gets absorbedā€¦and you cant wash that off.



Most Pears donā€™t need any sprays in my area and as you mentioned peels are very healthy. Certain amounts of exposure to sprays are considered OK but if they were organic in the store they would have the label. More and more systemic sprays and longer more effective sprays are being used. In some areas there is no choice but to use sprays. In my area commercial apples, peaches, plums and many others cannot be grown spray free if they will be sold. Before anyone says it some soils are naturally or overtime became higher in lead or other harmful materials which can be much worse than sprays. Would love to say we have everything figured out but we donā€™t. Since you do like organic produce I highly recommend checking out @scottfsmith spray program which is a host of organic materials like kaolin clay and others used in his orchard. Mostly my strategy is to abstain from problematic types of fruit. We still spray things like the hay field that need it every 15 years or so. We used to spray everything all the time but through the years I learned tricks and changed some of what I grow Low-Impact Spray Schedule (2019 Edition)

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Also white sugar, and sugar syrups are the most dangerous forms of sugar, because the body easily absorbs them. Sugars in other forms ā€˜the sugar is attached to other thingsā€™ like fiber, like what turns in to molasses, and so more of the sugar leaves the body.



My orchard is for my personal use, and if i have abundance i will share and go from thereā€¦ if i find a market for it then so be itā€¦

I am going with predators and traps for my problems. Yes it will take time to build an army of predators for my issues but thats ok. I want diversity and i want an ecosystem orchard. I enjoy bugs and i enjoy predators of those bugsā€¦ almost as much as the fruit itself. I like to see life.

I am going to use basic traps such as molasses and water traps, and the red dot on yellow background traps. I will add the molasses and bug matter back into the soilā€¦ and repeat.

Predators- birds, wasps, mantis, etc.

I think everyone should watch the documentaries on Sugar. The Price of Sugar and Big Sugarā€¦ and i think i saw others. From what i can tell i dont think we are supposed to eat sugar at all. The canes are dang near impossible to harvestā€¦its like they are prehistoric saying stay away from me!!! Dont touch me, dont look at me is what they are saying .

Whereas fruits are sayingā€¦ hey look at meā€¦ Colors- Why do humans have the ability to see color? Fruits i think. I think animals can see color for the same reasonsā€¦ to distinguish fruitsā€¦ to know when a fruit is ripe.

Smell- sugar smells likeā€¦ um nothing. Fruits smellā€¦incredible.

I could go onā€¦ but i would love to read a debate or thought process that said sugar from sugar cane has any place in our dietā€¦ at all.

Just the process of sugar cane to crystallized sugar is mind bogglingā€¦and the industries that do it are near mafia/cartel status.

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Iā€™m unsure that nature has intention. :question:

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We definately have a tendency to slant things in our favor as humans but when in doing so sometimes out smart ourselves.

Yes pears are excellent! And a few seeds adds valueable vitamins like k17 and fiber etc.

So true!!! :smiley:

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Technically many sweets can be made just as good if not even better without sugar, itā€™s only a matter of being willing to go through lots of trial and error.

ā€˜Turbinado sugarā€™ is cane sugar way less processed than the ā€˜white sugarā€™ most people use. A lot of people think of it as natureā€™s brown sugar. One problem I think that society has ā€˜is refusing to pay even a little more moneyā€™, even if that means a much better product. Having that way of thinking makes what should be normal seem like a luxury item, so the companies can charge way more for them, even though the processing costs are much lower.

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How bad is refined white sugar?

Refined sugars may increase your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Theyā€™re also linked to a higher likelihood of depression, dementia, liver disease, and certain types of cancer.Sep 5, 2019

Available via google search.

On the rare occasion when I do use sugarā€¦ it is as unrefined as possible. Coconut palm sugarā€¦ raw honey, organic pure maple syrup.

I think a high percentage of refined white sugar is made from GMOs sugar beetsā€¦ hmmmā€¦ a root crop sprayed with roundupā€¦ yummmmm.

Yes, if refined white sugar in the USA does not specify coming from cane sugar ā€˜then itā€™s most likely made from beetsā€™. It makes you wonder how they remove the staining power that beets have, so that it can be white.

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These are not the red type of beets they are white Sugar beet harvest in North Dakota and Minnesota continues ā€” sporadically | Agweek

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I watched a documentary about sugar i dont remember which one but it showed the history of the Aboriginal Australians in one part.

Before the Europeans introduced them to Coca-Cola, Frosted Flakes, Twinkies and Chocolate etc etcā€¦

It showed pictures of them before Europeans messed with them- The men looked like greek gods, full of muscle and no bodyfatā€¦ they virtually had no health issues.

After the introduction of sugar and refined grains- every man was obese, or dead or dying. The women were the same, hospitals had to be built after they started eating sugarā€¦

70000 years they never needed sugarā€¦ but civilized people thought that they did.

" There are records of knowledge of sugar among the ancient Greeks and Romans, but only as an imported medicine, and not as a food."

The ancient Greeks and Romans ate pears for sure.

Sugar from sugar cane is poison to humansā€¦ and probably every creature on earth. I feed it to my hummingbirdsā€¦but they are smart enough to hunt nectar when possible. If they had a choice they would choose nectarā€¦i am almost positive.

Sugar from fruit sustains lifeā€¦ and life thrives on it.

Sugar from sugar cane destroys lifeā€¦ Energy drinks and caffeine have exploded in markets for humans that are hunting for the false energy spike caused by blood sugar levels from their diets.

I believe that no lower than human creature would choose sugar over fruit. I have seen bees and ants choose fruit over sugar on limited trials.

Humans choose sugar over fruit- which is why there are 1000ā€™s of drugs, hospitals, health issues and death.

It is an interesting subject for sure.

As far as im concerned the FDA and USDA should list sugar as a controlled substanceā€¦ It has zero nutritional value.

It has TONS of value for pharmaceuticals. The companies that sell the most insulin have the most stock in sugar.