Are there American persimmon (D.v.) cultivars that only have female flowers?

If so, two possibly different questions:

  1. In your opinion, which one(s) have the best flavor in your climate?

  2. Are there any that are parthenocarpic, i.e. the female flowers set fruit without pollen?

Prok with large fruit but mild in flavor. H-118 and H-120 large fruit with great DV flavor. All these three are parthenocarpic.



Thank you for the quick reply.
I see H-118 is known by “Early Jewel” [EDIT] and also trademarked Prairie Star®.

How about H-120?

Cliff calls it ‘Claypool’.

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Oh I see, they are Claypool’s


and the plot thickens …

Pomper et al 2019 - Ploidy Level in American Persimmon.pdf (404.6 KB)


This issue is discussed in the thread on Morris Burton.

For example, one question is whether Morris Burton produces male flowers (a) never or (b) sometimes. Another question is whether the Morris Burton x Early Golden cross known as “H63A” ever produces male flowers.

Based on various discussions here, “Only ever female flowers” seems common. “Normally female but rarely male flowers” also seems common. “Normally both male and female flowers” seems uncommon; it has been argued that this pattern is mainly found in Early Golden and its offspring.

Probably not so much.

Nearly all named DV varieties – and all of them that we discuss here – are hexaploid. Not surprisingly, the hexaploid subspecies is generally more vigorous and more hardy. It is doubtless an evolutionary offshoot of the tetraploid sub-species.

So practically-speaking, it’s safe to assume that any American (DV) cultivar is hexaploid.