Are There White Flower Peaches?

So here’s my Red Baron from last year. I’ve got an Indian Free (in the middle) and an Arctic White Supreme (foreground) grafted onto it. I enjoy having different hues of pink on it, but I’d like to make it even more exciting by having a white flowering peach grafted on. I’ve seen ornamentals, but is there a decent fruiting peach that pops out with white flowers?

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Not that I’ve seen. Not in a peach or nectarine. I think you have to go to a plum.

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How about almond?

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Apricot would probably work.

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Actually, TangOs I peach produces white flowers. Flat Wonderful peach produces beautiful lavender flowers, which might add some more color. Both are currently under patent protection however.

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Olpea below said TangOs I produces white flowers. I saw from another thread (Peach Pie donut peaches) that you’re growing theses, so can you confirm what Olpea said?

Tangos is whiter than most. It does look different. But mine still had a pink tinge this yr, It’s too far past bloom right now for a picture. But the remaining petals are clearly somewhat pink.

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Thanks! I’ll patiently keep that in mind for when they get off patent in about 8 years. I have a difficult enough time just getting any peach grafts to take.

Was this a T-bud graft?


I ran across this pic from @tonyOmahaz5:

Appears to be fairly white though it does appear to have a light pink tint.


No. These were side grafts.

Yep, that confirms what Fruitnut said above.

Here’s a pic I posted yesterday to another thread of a TangOs 1 peach.


According to Variety Display - Peach Variety Evaluation - Clemson University Horticulture, the patent was July of 2008. If that’s true, then I’ll be asking you for a scion in 11 years! How do you enjoy the taste?

I like it a lot, mainly because it’s considerably different than 95% of the peaches I grow. Customers seem to like it a lot too, if you can get them to try it. It’s also a bit more consistent in terms of flavor than a lot of peaches. You can pick them deeper inside the tree without the flavor falling off too much.

On disadvantage is they won’t take rain very well at all if it rains a lot close to harvest. They get some skin issues which look a lot like inking.

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While I’m thinking about it, here is probably the most purple peach nect tree I’ve grown , next to flat wonderful.

It’s Hardired nect. Not a great flavor for a nect, but the first picks are nice and sweet.



I think we have a winner…isn’t Krymsk 86 part peach? The flowers sure look peachish… big/white… fancy. Late bloomer in my yard… Now will it yield fruit? Stay tuned.

Tango II has large very light pink flowers.

Reliable peach-almond hybrid has very large unusual flowers.

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I just planted a tangos 2…i hope its a good one.

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