Are these berries safe to eat?

I haven’t used any sprays or dusts on my raspberries and blackberries in the past years. We jeat them off the bushes as we pick, or as we are walking through the yard, no washing beforehand. Blacks I wash and dry before freezing and processing, but not so raspberries. They are so delicate, I never wash them, just sort out bugs and debri.
This year I have used both spinosad dust and liquid spray, as well as DE on the raspberries to try help with stink bug and may/June beetle control. PHI is 1 day for spinosad on cane berries, and DE is safe to eat apparently.
If it has been, say 4-7 days or more since spraying or dusting, are they safe to eat without washing first? Or should we forego eating any before washing?
If so, what do you wash berries with that would remove the spinosad and not damage the fruit overly much? Seems like just running water over them in a colander can turn them to mush if the pressure is too high, and may not clean them well since you can’t scrub a berry! I saw mention of a baking soda or lemon juice soak for removing swd from fruits… would that help? How do you clean or berries, or don’t you???
Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. Spinosad as a very safe biological, like Bt, and I have used them both on other fruit and veggie plants, following the label. I didn’t consider how the kids (and me too) enjoy eating berries fresh off of the canes and how they are more difficult to wash.

I would just eat them, but I can’t say for sure if it’s dangerous. i highly doubt it.

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Thanks for your input Drew!

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like he said. :wink:

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Ok then, we will go back to eatin ‘em straight off the bushes with no worries!! :grin: