Are these bug eggs?

I saw these rows of tan color “things” on my bird netting that I put up around my peach tree. When I rubbed/crushed them with my fingers, I felt like I crushed something and there was stickiness on my fingers.

Are they some kind of insect eggs? Sorry, that pics are not very clear. I could not zoom in any further. I don’t have a magnifying glass.

Please help.

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Hi there! I’m going to answer just because nobody else has -yes, they are bug eggs, almost certainly. Good or bad I can’t say- but I’ll say that it’s worth knowing before you proceed because they could be good or bad.

Thanks. I tried to check bug guide but could not get anywhere.

I happened upon this site and thought it might have useful pictures for you -almost all they way to the bottom is a picture that looked like it might be like yours:

And this page looked like it might be useful:

Good luck, and be sure to report back.

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General consensus on Web image search of “insect eggs on netting” is that they are moth eggs.

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Thanks, Gene. I am not fond of moths. The moths in my yard are mostly destructive.

I took pictures of moths laying similar eggs on my nets at night, but the pictures were fuzzy due to bad lighting. I think they are a type of cutworm. If you go outside right now you might see some. Here is the blurry pic:


Thanks for sharing the pic. I went out this morning. More eggs are on the net!!! There are two colors, tannish and whitish.

Like I said, moths in my yard are mostly enemies.

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