Are these mulberry seedlings?

All this talk of mulberries lately has made me want to get some rootstocks going to graft over next year. Are these Mulberry seedlings? I recall them having the yellowish roots, but I’m not certain. I will probably pot them up until they leaf out to be sure.

That does look like a Mulberry root,but not sure either.Might as well let them grow and see. Brady

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Thanks, the buds are swelling and showing green, so I’ll know pretty shortly.

agree with Brady, the bud growth and strikingly yellow roots are tell-tale signs

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I dig up and pot several such give-away seedlings each year that are scattered around the place and the overall plant structure looks similar, but those growing here have more of an orange color than the yellow shown in your picture. As for being tough and aggressive, they are. One with a 6" thick trunk grew it’s orange roots 20 feet away to a fruit tree mound where the m/b had been siphoning off some of that tree’s water/nutrients. I would not plant them near a house slab or near other valued plants that you are trying to maximize the potential growth.

These are indeed mulberries, if anyone was curious. I have 3 in pots that I hope grow enough to graft next year.

yellow, yellow-orange, and orange are typical of mulb roots