Are these pawpaw leaves?

I was out I the woods hunting today on my family property, a 200 acre wood lot where I have spent countless hours over the past 50+ years. I walked by a tree on the edge of a dirt lane and noted this tree with enormous leaves. I had never noted it before, maybe it was more visible because some leaves were down on trees around it. But I was struck by it and immediately thought it could be a pawpaw tree (which I do not grow in my orchard). I could find no sign of any fruit on the tree or the ground, and I took time to search out the adjacent area for any others, but could find none. The tree looks healthy, about 35-40 feet tall. The leaves were 6-8 inches long by my estimation.

Are these pawpaw leaves:

And a second question - how do I get these pictures that look right side up on my computer to upload properly? :smiley:

Thank you Courtney! How is that done, so I don’t have to ask for an assist for every future upload?

Reminds me of my cucumber magnolias


I see some resemblance, but I don’t think they’re pawpaws.
Magnolia I think.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - I dug out my Peterson guide and it does look like Cucumber Magnolia!